MOD Supply Base

Our Supply Base

The Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) 2015 committed the UK to spend a minimum 2% of GDP on defence over the next decade.  This commitment represents spending some £178Bn on defence equipment and support over that period.  In 2015/16 MOD spent nearly £20Bn with industry, accounting for over 40% of all UK government procurement spend and representing the fifth biggest defence budget in the world.

The size and complexity of many of our projects mean that we need to work closely with our most important suppliers to ensure delivery of the Defence programme.  These are currently Boeing, BAe Systems, Rolls-Royce, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Thales, QinetiQ, Leonardo, MBDA, Babcock, Serco, Capita, AWE and HP.

We advocate the use of competition wherever appropriate both in our direct contact opportunities and throughout the supply chain.  Opportunities, therefore, exist for suppliers of all sizes, from largely established defence contractors through to innovative smaller businesses, to get involved in our procurement activity both as a prime supplier and as a sub-contractor.

The programmes we support are detailed in the Defence Equipment Plan; the top three equipment programmes in terms of spend include Typhoon, Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft and Astute Attack Submarine.  In addition, we spend over £3Bn annually on infrastructure and defence estates.

Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S)

Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) is a bespoke trading entity, an arm’s length body of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) whose responsibility is to equip and support the UK’s armed forces for current and future operations. Employing around 12,000 people and with a budget of £14 billion, DE&S plays a vital role in maintaining military operational capability by acquiring and supporting a wide range of world class equipment and services.

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Defence Infrastructure Organisation

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) plays a vital role in supporting our armed forces by building, maintaining and servicing the infrastructure needed to support defence. DIO is responsible for enabling defence people to live, work, train and deploy at home and overseas. The DIO vision is to equip defence with a significantly smaller, more efficient, better quality estate.

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Information Systems and Services (ISS)

Information Systems and Services (ISS) provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to defence, spending around £1.7Bn annually on eg computers / telephony that everyone would recognise, to specialist military capability like smart headsets for troops, remote navigation systems and even satellites. They also monitor and defend our networks to ensure they are safe and secure.

Defence Science and Technology Laboratory

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) ensures that innovative science and technology contribute to the defence and security of the UK.  Dstl is an executive agency, sponsored by the MOD, and supplies specialist services to MOD and wider government. 60% of MOD’s science and technology programme (total funding: £410 million) is supplied by external partners in industry and academia worldwide.

As an executive agency of MOD, Dstl is run along commercial lines. It is one of the principal government organisations dedicated to science and technology in the defence and security field.

The Defence and Security Accelerator is part of Dstl.

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Team Leidos

Team Leidos is responsible for delivering the Logistic Commodities and Service Transformation (LCST). They provide procurement and inventory management of commodity items which include:

  • Defence Clothing – such as fitness trainers, workwear garments, sleeping systems, waterproof garments, badges, buttons and medal ribbons.
  • General Supplies – including batteries, chemicals, run-way de-icer, firefighting foam, supply of electrical components
  • Medical Supplies – pharmaceuticals, triage and emergency devices, dental products and equipment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment.
  • Defence Food – Operational Ration Packs, Operational Ration Heaters
  • Oil, Lubes and Gases – Nitrous Oxide Reduction Agent, supply of jerricans, supply of gases.

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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The Ministry of Defence is pleased to announce that the Defence Sourcing Portal is now live at This is the new official one-stop-shop for contract opportunities, tendering and information on doing business with the Ministry of Defence. All new contract opportunities will be advertised and tendered on this platform. Please note that MOD opportunities advertised prior to the 15th February 2021 will still be processed to conclusion on this portal, Defence Contracts Online.